What is


  • I don’t know either, lets
  • learn together

What I am Learning

Comptia A+

I am currently trying to study for both parts of the Comptia A+ certification. I've been using Professor Messer and a course from stackskills to gain an understanding of what I need to learn.

Website Design

While I am learning I am hoping to help others along the way, and the best way I can think of to do that is through this website.

General Info

Cybersecurity covers so much area and I am trying to gain a little bit of understanding it most of it. I'm doing this through youtube and podcasts.


I've made this website to get my ideas out, and to help people out along the way.

I’m just starting out also. I would love to get to know people who are on the same journey, and who would like to work together. I also hope that by putting my thoughts out there I gain a better understanding of cybersecurity.